Paws With Us
when your dog needs a vacation


Whether you're taking an extended trip or just stepping out for the evening,
Paws With Us will care for your dogs in a loving, safe and stimulating environment.


We board dogs because we love dogs, all animals really but we especially love dogs. Learning their individual personalities, photographing their antics and just resting with a head on lap or foot is how we love to spend a day.  We go to great lengths to make each one feel special and loved.  Our goal is for everyone to have fun and enjoy being part of our Paws With Us pack.

We aim to have even the craziest dog mom completely comfortable leaving their baby with us.  We feed as you specify, exercise the vigorous and generally entertain the pack throughout the day.  Many long time pack members are fully integrated into our home life and jokingly refer to this group as getting the owners experience.  We love when parents notice how happy their pooches get when pulling into the Paws With Us driveway.  That is the genuine reaction that can really only come from a dog and is absolutely our favorite endorsement.

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